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Supercharge your C180/182

SKYDIVE OPERATORS: this is the best performance upgrade for your jump operation

Ask about our ZERO DOWN financing

Payments as low as $190.00 per month.


   "I would venture a guess that there aren't many 230 HP C-182's that will climb 100 MPH at 1400 FPM and 6,000

    Palt w/700# aboard. Wow!  I won't have to worry about climbing above the mountains now. Faster too!"

          Tom Redman


    "and by the way....I completely agree that you did produce one tough and reliable supercharger"

           Tom Carson,



Lycoming and Continental Cesssna and beechcraft supercharger Forced Aeromotive Technologies is currently producing belt-driven supercharger systems for piston powered aircraft. Patented, STC'd systems, for all Cessna 182's through the R models with the O-470-L, -R, -S, -U, PPonk and 550 conversions are now available.

Our systems produce sea level take-off power to 7000 feet, and cruise climb power to 12,000 feet. Our test aircraft indicates 17 Kts. greater IAS at 12,000' in the supercharged configuration. Take off power is 28" of manifold pressure.

Please contact us anytime for details.

Technical Information

The supercharger is belt driven off the accessory drive, similar to the alternator. It will run much cooler than a turbocharger and should result in much lower maintenance costs. It will add 5-7000 feet of altitude performance to a Cessna 182. Our system was tested in excess of FL200. Impeller speed is a function of engine RPM and therefore over speed and bootstrapping are not considerations. There are no MP fluctuations while adjusting the throttle, or mixture. Idle cool down periods are not necessary. Beechcraft Baron, Cessna 182Q, 210, 310 supercharger

  • Efficient - uses approximately 4.0 horse power at cruise
  • Light weight - 30.5 to 31.5 pounds
  • Cool engine temperatures
  • Easy pilot workload - no bootstrapping or overshoot.
  • No TIT to monitor
  • No pre-shut down cool down required.
  • Easy installation - no modifications to exhaust system, carburetor or intake system.
  • No engine-oil driven control systems
  • No scavenge pump
  • No waste gate
  • Can be removed and the aircraft returned to the normally aspirated configuration.




 Contact us about a field approval for other Cessna models.

C182E thru R 1962-1986 $21,850.00

10 days

Warranted for 6 years or 1800 hours.

Cessna supercharger



  IO-550-N powered C-206



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